Technical Data Architect

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  • Valencia, Spain

Technical Data Architect

Job description

IOVIO Big Data is searching for a Data Architect to join our team providing best in class Big Data solutions for the enterprise.

As a Data Architect you will be providing full stack, end to end, sustainable, resilient, orchestrated and streamlined big data solutions.



  • You will assist organisations in conveying a case for use of big data solutions
  • You will provide guidance through the full implementation of big data solutions by producing business value assessments, total cost of ownership for designed solutions
  • Produce blue prints outlining the technical aspects, architecture, integration, paradigms, organisational roles and processes supporting the big data platform
  • Lead Data Engineers / Data Analysts or Data Scientists in the implementation of data pipelines¬†
  • Complete installation of big data clusters according to best practice
  • Gauge performance metrics of cluster to determine throughput, capacity and costs



  • You should be knowledgeable in Enterprise Architecture, Security, Networking, Distributed systems, Cloud operations, Integrations and ETL concepts
  • Ideally you come from a development background, and you are proficient with compiled and scripting languages (Java,C or Python,Scala,Ruby), and flexible to get your hands dirty and lead by example
  • Understanding of the Hadoop ecosystem, and ideally have professional experience with commercial products or services like Cloudera Enterprise, Hortonworks, MapR or Databricks
  • Proficient in Root Cause Analysis and Diagnostics routines


  • Ambassador for the new data-driven enterprises with great consulting skills
  • Providing a natural language distill of big data solutions constructed under principles that harmonise with costs, quality, time and scope in project implementations
  • Able to translate complex problems in simple solutions
  • Flexibility to travel
  • Fluent in English / written and spoken

Why us?

IOVIO Big Data is an organic growing organisation that pursues balance and customer advocacy, whilst caring about the careers and progression of our staff

Join a group of talented professionals working with the same principles and enjoying a great work/life balance. We believe that you perform better when you simply love what you do

Diligent selection process

No bureaucracy, no vertical structures. Everyone is as good as his/her colleague and we all need each other to be successful

Buy the books you need, training budget allowance per year, a laptop that can run a big data cluster by itself or do data science with it, mobile phone and home internet allowance

Get certified in something every year in areas related to our business

Get into 1 conference of your choice every year after your first engagement

Hackathons, Maker nights and social events every fortnight